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Honor Societies

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  • Beta Chi Pi

    St. Joseph’s Academy has a chapter for Beta Chi Pi, science honor society, sponsored by the Science Teachers of Missouri. In order to be inducted into the society, students must be successful in their science work at SJA and involved in science activities above and beyond those required for class work. Beta Chi Pi activities include presenting hands-on activities at area grade schools, investigating reaction kinetics and physics through lab experiments, participating in cyber-challenge internet scavenger hunts, engineering design challenges, investigating wildlife found on the school campus, hosting guest speakers on careers and attending field trips. Membership in the ACS ChemClub program runs concurrently with Beta Chi Pi membership.
  • Sociedad Honoraria Hispánica

    Moderators: Ms. Carmen Sanz
    The Sociedad Honoraria Hispánica (SHH) is an honor society for high school students enrolled in Spanish courses. The purpose of the society is to recognize high achievement of high school students in Spanish, to promote a continuing interest in Hispanic language, culture, and studies.

    For the St. Joseph's Academy Chapter, students must have taken Spanish for at least 5 semesters, received at least a B+ in all semesters, and a 3.0 GPA.  They must also complete outside activities related to Spanish language and culture before the second semester’s end in order to maintain membership.  
  • Mandarin Chinese Honor Society

    Mandarin Chinese Honor Society celebrates Chinese history, culture and language. Members attend Chinese-centered events around the greater St. Louis area. To be a member, you must have a B+ cumulative average in Mandarin Chinese and complete all four courses of study. Honor cords are triple-knotted, deep purple, lavender, and gold.
  • Mu Alpha Theta

    Mu Alpha Theta is a national mathematics honor society. It is sponsored by the Mathematical Association of America, with the purpose of promoting interest and understanding of mathematics.

    The St. Joseph's Academy chapter will participate in the Missouri Mathematics League and American Scholastic Mathematic Association contests. These contests are held throughout the school year. In addition to these in-school contests, members are encouraged to participate in other contests and will be notified periodically of upcoming club events. Members will promote the understanding of mathematics, while incorporating the St. Joseph's Academy motto, "Not I, But We." A contact list of Mu Alpha Theta members will be available to freshman and sophomore students who are seeking tutors. Tutoring hours can be applied to service requirements and Mu Alpha Theta credit requirements.

    Associate Members are students at St. Joseph's Academy who are currently enrolled in Honors Algebra 2 or higher honors level mathematics courses. Full Members are seniors enrolled in Honors Algebra II, Calculus, AP Statistics, Calculus AB or Calculus BC. All members must maintain a “B” average both semesters. In addition, they must obtain at least 15 credits of participation during their membership. Full members meeting all requirements will be inducted at an April Induction Ceremony, at which time each inductee will be presented with a certificate of membership in the national organization and given the traditional blue cord that may be worn with graduation gowns.
    Membership requirements will be given to each student eligible to join Mu Alpha Theta in early September. Students wishing to join or renew membership will have to sign a contract stating they are aware of the requirements of Mu Alpha Theta. Any student not fulfilling the requirements will not receive graduation cords.
  • National Art Honor Society

    The National Art Honor Society gives art students an opportunity to become members of a distinguished group of 58,000+ outstanding art students. Members gain peer recognition, leadership growth opportunities and college and career preparation. Juniors and seniors are eligible to apply for the Rising Starts Secondary Recognition Program Award and seniors are eligible to apply for the Charles M. Robertson Memorial Scholarship and scholarships to Columbus College of Art and Design, Maryland Institute College of Art and The Art Institute. National Art Honor Society members also have the opportunity to be published in NAHS News, the semi-annual, full-color publication of the NAHS program. The NAHS Chapter aligns its goals with the core values of St. Joseph's Academy.
  • National Honor Society

    Membership in the National Honor Society is based on the national organization’s criteria of scholarship, leadership, character, and service. Service to school and the community over all high school years is required. Second semester sophomores and juniors with the minimum required accumulative grade point average of 3.9 may apply for admission into NHS. NHS is highly selective and SJA is bound by all national rules and procedures.

    Students apply in February and are notified of the selection of new members in the spring of sophomore or junior year. The Induction Ceremony is held in September and is required for all new and current members. Continued membership in the NHS Chapter is based upon the student's maintaining the standards under which she was admitted as a member, including meeting school and Honor Society’s attendance requirements, all academic standards expectations, and exhibiting adherence to school rules, both in school and out in the community. Membership is an earned privilege and may be revoked at the discretion of the administration.

    Click here for the application form.
  • Rho Kappa

    The mission of the Social Studies Honor Society is to encourage and further the Social Studies education of the community. It is an extension of the classroom within the school and reaching out into the community. Rho Kappa’s goal is to make Social Studies relevant and meaningful.
  • Societe Honoraire Francaise

    La Societe Honoraire Francaise is open to students in their third and fourth year of French study. Students apply for acceptance into the society and must complete 10-12 hours of extracurricular activities pertaining to the French language and Francophone cultures, including food, plays, sports, movies, holidays and much more. All seniors who fulfill the required academic and club requirements will receive a cord to wear at graduation.
  • Latin Honor Society

    The Latin Honor Society consists of students currently enrolled in an honors Latin class who want to take their excitement for the Latin language and Roman culture beyond the classroom. The club is an official chapter of the National Junior Classical League.  Club members meet twice a month to discuss and to celebrate several aspects of Roman history and culture in a more relaxed setting. Officers typically plan events related to the food, holidays and everyday life in Ancient Rome. Seniors who fulfill all academic and club requirements for two years may graduate wearing official Latin Honor Society pins. 
  • The Literati of St. Joe

    St. Joseph's Academy's chapter of the National English Honor Society is called "The Literati of St. Joe." As students are inducted, they become a part of the national organization, Sigma Tau Delta, and are provided with extra-curricular activities in and out of the school setting, as well as scholarship and service opportunities. The goal of “The Literati is to create a community that loves literature and promotes reading and writing. 

    Students must meet the requirements of both the national criteria and St. Joseph's Academy's criteria in order to be eligible for induction. In order to maintain membership, students must participate in NEHS sponsored activities, literature and writing-related extracurricular activities, and attempt to become published. At graduation, they will wear royal blue and gold honors chords. “The Literati” meets on the third Wednesday of the month during 2nd lunch. 

Academic Clubs

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  • American Chemical Society High School ChemClub

    Moderator: Ms. Rachel Kupper
    The SJA ChemClub runs concurrently with Beta Chi Pi, the science honor society. Members carry out chemical activities which can then be used as they do outreach at area elementary schools. Cooking with Chemistry, The Chemistry of Candy, and Christmas Chemistry are some of the activities which have been enjoyed by members in past years. SJA ChemClub is one of over 600 clubs in the United States sponsored by the American Chemical Society to provide experience in chemistry outside of the classroom setting. 

    More information on ACS ChemClubs is available here.
  • Future Business Leaders of America

    Moderator: Ms. Megan Hackmann
    FBLA is the premier student business organization in the world. It helps students prepare for careers in business and business related fields. Our activities include business competitions, fundraising, and speakers. 
  • Future Women of Medicine

    Moderator: Mrs. Jen Bisch ‘92
    The takeaways from this club will allow us to give women an opportunity to explore and grow in the medical field as young high school women. We plan to do this by introducing the basics and variety of the medical field to our Angels and educating them about women in the medical field. Hands-on activities, listening to a speaker and seeing it first hand on our field trip will allow us to grow in confidence and educate ourselves from these activities. This will also allow students to see if this is the right profession for them and if the medical field is something they would like to study and pursue. 
  • JoeBotics

    JoeBotics, St. Joseph’s Academy’s robotics team, was established in the 2013-2014 school year and has competed for the past six years in the FTC Robotics competition. The team designs, builds, programs, tests and takes the field with a robot for each year's competition. The team and their robot have advanced to the Missouri State Championship in four of their five years of participation and have won numerous individual and team awards.
  • Junior States of America/Model UN

    Members of this club participate in both large group meetings with other schools, as well as political and citizenship-based activities at St. Joe. Outside of school, the Civitas organization coordinates lectures and the Model UN Program. These events usually take place on Saturday mornings (the Model UN sessions take place on a Saturday in November and a Saturday in December). At school, meetings will consist of bill writing for Model UN.
  • Scholar Bowl

    St. Joseph's Academy Scholar Bowl Team is comprised of a select group of high-achieving, quick-thinking sophomores, juniors and seniors. Student membership is based on teacher recommendations and MSHSAA eligibility. Students participate in five league competitions and tournaments in the late fall, competing with local high schools to academically challenging quiz questions covering literature, math, art, music, pop culture, history and politics.
  • Society of Women Engineers

    Our chapter of SWENext club will meet throughout the year at SJA, usually in tandem with the JoeBotics or Beta Chi Pi meetings. There are no dues and meeting attendance is not mandatory.

    SWENext is a way to become part of the Society of Women Engineers as a student. The club will provide information about opportunities such as summer programs, scholarships and internships to members. Benefits of joining include: 

    • Up-to-date information about outreach events (camps, competitions, etc.)
    • A catalog of available scholarships for engineering schools offered by SWE and partner organizations and tips on applying for scholarships and internships
    • The opportunity to participate in quarterly webinars, where engineers from various disciplines discuss the work they do and resources that can help students to learn more about careers in engineering.
    • The opportunity to participate in the SWENext Council, where students can take on leadership roles to influence the direction of the program.
  • Spanish Club

    Moderators: Ms. Carmen Sanz
    Join the Spanish Club! The purpose of the St. Joe Spanish Club is to provide educational opportunities outside of the classroom for those interested in being exposed to cultural diversity among its members. The St. Joe Spanish Club is open to all students looking to learn, share and understand more about the Spanish-speaking countries' traditions, food, culture, dances and language. The St. Joe Spanish Club will allow the students to learn, practice and explore Spanish throughout a variety of activities and events scheduled during the school year. Everyone is welcome!
  • Speech Team

    Moderators: Ms. Rachel Kupper
    The St. Joseph’s Academy Speech Team will provide students an opportunity to compete with other Catholic High Schools in the St. Louis area in the Christian Interscholastic Speech League. We will participate in various events during the year.

    All members will choose and prepare a memorized selection for one or more of the interpretive events, such as dramatic interpretation, humorous interpretation, duo, or storytelling. Other events include, extemporaneous speaking, Original Oratory, radio broadcasting, poetry reading, and prose reading.
    We must have an entry in each of the above categories before sending additional contestants. If we fill all categories we can have up to 5 more entries for a total of 13. Duet Acting counts as one entry even though two students are involved. That makes a total of 15 students per event.
  • STEM Academic Contest Group

    The STEM Academic Contest, called the Academic Challenge in Engineering and Science (ACES), is now run by Eastern Illinois University. It was formally known as the WYSE (Worldwide Youth in Science and Engineering) Contest.
  • Youth and Government

    Moderator: Mrs. Ally Landherr
    Youth and Government is a student-run, hands-on simulation of Missouri state government. As legislators and attorneys, they carry out the law-making process. The highlight of the program is the three-day State Convention held in Jefferson City in early November. At this convention, legislators meet in the Capitol to debate legislation while attorneys argue their cases before student judges and participate in a moot trial competition. Campaigns and elections for student officers complete the political experience of the convention. 

    The club is open to all students, freshmen through seniors. We are limited to 50 participants at the State Convention and for this reason require interested students to complete an application and short essay concerning their interest in participating in YAG.

    What does it cost?
    Approximately $315.00 covers club dues, convention fees, transportation and meal costs. Scholarships are available through Missouri YMCA Youth and Government.

    When does the club meet?
    In the fall, the St. Joe delegation meets every Wednesday morning. These meetings are vital to our success since they provide participants with the chance to learn and practice the legislative process, trial procedures and media techniques.

    Click here to see the results of the 2019 Convention.

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Campus Ministry Clubs

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  • Angel Outreach

    Moderator: Ms. Jamie Steinhart
    Officers of this club share responsibilities for all activities.
    St. Joe Serves on the Second
    Volunteers are needed on the second day of each month, all year long, to serve at the Sts. Peter and Paul Soup Kitchen. Meals are served to about 150 guests – the menu varies and often, parents supply an ingredient such as sloppy joe mixture or a cheesy potato casserole, etc. The entire St. Joe community can participate – there is lots of space and lots to do! Volunteers can provide food, assist in cooking, or serve the "Dear Neighbor" food and beverages. When the second of the month falls on a Monday – Friday, volunteers are needed from 4:30 p.m. – 6:00 p.m., and when the second falls on a Saturday or Sunday, volunteers are needed from 11:30 a.m. – 1:00 p.m.
    Sts. Peter and Paul Soup Kitchen (814 Allen, 63104, one block west of Sts. Peter and Paul Church – parking lot is inside a cyclone fence, volunteers enter through a door marked Kitchen).
  • Angels in Prayer

    Moderator: Ms. Anna Hotop 
    Angels in Prayer meets once a week in either Campus Ministry or the SJA Chapel. Everyone is always welcome! Each week, a talk is given by an SJA Angel or a guest speaker. Every Angels in Prayer meeting begins and ends in prayer, but each meeting is different and is based on a topic of the leader’s choosing. Typically, meetings include songs or videos, along with a reflection, an activity, and, on some days, discussion. The ultimate goal of this group is that by the end of the year, each SJA Angel will have new ways to grow in relationship with God, themselves and others.  
  • Campus Ministry Team

    Moderator: Ms. Anna Hotop
    Faith is an integral part of the St. Joseph’s Academy community. The Campus Ministry Team (CMT) exists to help students, faculty and staff grow in their commitment to living their faith by serving the spiritual needs of the SJA community. CMT officers and representatives work closely with the campus ministers to assist with retreats, liturgies, and service opportunities. CMT participates in weekly meetings and shares the information discussed with their L.A.C.E. Advisories so that all at the Academy have the opportunity to get involved with SJA's Campus Ministry program.
  • Fellowship of Christian Athletes

    Moderator: Mrs. Jen Bisch '92
    This club meets every other month at school for activities, food and prayer. FCA also meets 3 to 4 times a year with other FCA school groups in St. Louis. The Fellowship of Christian Athletes is the largest Christian sports organization in America and focuses on serving local communities by equipping, empowering and encouraging people to make a difference for Christ.
  • Friends of Wings

    Moderator: Mrs. Jen Bisch '92
    Friends of Wings funds programs and services that support every moment of the hospice journey and celebrate the love that will never end. Programs are designed to provide moments of normalcy and joy, nurture healing, preserve memories and connect people with others sharing a similar experience – an experience that for most will be the most challenging of their lives. By making these programs possible, Friends of Wings is privileged to have impacted positively the journey for thousands of individuals across the St. Louis region.
  • Pax Christi

    According to the national Pax Christi organization, grounded in the Gospel and Catholic social teaching, Pax Christi is an organization that rejects war, preparation for war, every form of violence and domination, and personal and systemic racism while lifting up the marginalized of our society both locally and globally. Pax Christi is a Catholic peace and justice movement that seeks to model the peace of Christ in our witness to the call of the Gospel. 
  • Respect Life Club

    Promotes the dignity of all human life from conception to natural death.
    The organization focuses on three pillars - education, operations, and activities - with the hopes of increasing in club members’ awareness, knowledge, and activism related to the protection of all life. The Respect Life Club regularly participates in activities sponsored by Generation Life, coordinates their own education and service events at school, and also supports local agencies, such as maternity homes. 

Student Outreach

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  • Angel Ambassadors

    Moderator: Mrs. Clare Conners MacConnell '01
    Angel Ambassadors is one way our students can foster their leadership skills. The club is comprised of a group of enthusiastic sophomores, juniors and seniors who are dedicated to the positive promotion of St. Joseph’s Academy. These young women have the unique opportunity to develop their communication, public relations, marketing and interpersonal skills. 

    There are several opportunities within the Angel Ambassadors for which students can apply, including: greeters and tour guides for on-campus events, SJA representatives at off-campus recruitment events, student leaders for on-campus recruitment events, High School Night greeters, presenters, and Open House tour guides.

    Learn more here.
  • Class Officers

    Freshman Class Officers are in charge of promoting school spirit among the freshman class, relaying important class business to homeroom, taking care of the freshman birthday calendar, taking minutes at meetings, handling all correspondence (thank you notes, get well cards, etc.), collecting class dues and keeping accurate records. The Freshman Class Office team also plans freshman Mission Week activities, serves refreshments at the sophomore class dance and occasionally orchestrates a class-wide fundraiser at the end of the year.
    Sophomore Class Officers are in charge of promoting school spirit among the sophomore class, relaying important class business to homerooms, taking care of the sophomore birthday calendar, and attending weekly planning meetings. The Sophomore Class Office team also plans sophomore Mission Week activities, theme and activities for the sophomore class dance, matches and coordinates freshman/sophomore sister mentor program activities and designs ring boxes for the junior ring ceremony.

    Junior Class Officers represent five girls who are voted into office by members of their class to provide leadership, promote school spirit and organize events held during junior year. Each of the five officers is assigned to one of five homerooms to relay important class information or gather needed information from the class. Junior Officers meet once a week on Tuesdays before school and provide guidance and planning for Mission Week events, the Junior Ring ceremony and Junior Ring Mass.

    Senior Class Officers organize and plan various events and activities for the senior class and are responsible for the communication of these events to their class. During Mission Week the Senior Officers lead the middle school trivia night, Music for the Missions benefit concert, clothing designs and food sales. Throughout the year, the Senior Class Officers help their class receive senior privileges, organize the senior t-shirts, and help organize events such as the Senior Appreciation Day, Mother Senior Mass and Lunch and SJA Graduation. Class Officers must be organized, motivated, self-driven, and work well in a team. Senior Class Officers are voted on in May for the following year and anyone in good standing at the Academy may run for class office.

    The mission of the Student Council is to provide an atmosphere of unity and community within the entire school. STUCO encourages all students, faculty, and staff members to become active participants.

    STUCO activities include:
    • Welcome Week
    • St. Joe Day
    • Fall Ball
    • Breast Cancer Awareness Month - October
    • Christmas Day of Cheer
    • Chris-Mix
    • Father-Daughter Dance
    • Blood Drive
    • Funderwear
    • Candygrams for Valentine’s Day
    • St. Patrick’s Day
    • Fat Tuesday event
    • Faculty appreciation
    • Prom set up
    • All School End-of-Year Celebration
    • Little Sister Program events throughout year
  • Student Affairs Board

    Moderator: Mrs. Amy Madej ‘99
    Mission Statement:

    On the Student Affairs Board, we work together to provide a voice for every student, create more school spirit and create positive changes at SJA to promote more togetherness.

    Vision Statement:
    The purpose of the Student Affairs Board is to help implement ideas, find solutions and act as a liaison between students and faculty.
  • Student Alumnae Association

    Moderator: Mrs. Carrie Wenberg
    The Student Alumnae Association (SAA) is a student volunteer group working with the SJA Alumnae Association Council. The purpose of SAA is to create awareness with current students about what it means to be an alumna of the Academy through connections with alumnae, education and encouragement of student philanthropy and lifelong loyalty to St. Joseph’s Academy.

Student Life Clubs

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  • Angel Food Club

    Moderator: Mrs. Amy Madej ‘99
    The mission of this club is to help students learn more about healthier choices, options and recipes. Even though the primary focus is about food, there is an emphasis on feeding the mind, body, and spirit, "Eat Good, Feel Good, Do Good."
  • Art Club

    The art club is open to freshmen, sophomores, juniors, and seniors. We meet twice a month to work on different projects throughout the year, and provide service around school and in the community. Art Club helps foster the creative spirit, helps students find their creative voice, and is an outlet for self-expression. Art Club aligns their goals with the core values of St. Joseph's Academy. 
  • Billiken BEAMS Bridge Building Club

    Moderator: Mr. Bud Stein
    St. Joe participates in the St. Louis University Billiken BEAMS Bridge Building Competition. During the past school year, St. Joe sent seven teams to the competition. Each team, consisting of two or three members, was tasked with designing, building and testing a model bridge made out of balsawood and according to a set of design specifications set out by the Civil Engineering Department at SLU. This school year will be the 9th year St. Joe will be competing in the contest.

    Click here to see the results of the 2019 competition.
  • Bocce Ball Team

    This casual and fun club meets at the Italia-American Bocce Club on the Hill on Thursdays after school for approximately 8 weeks in the fall, beginning mid-September. (If you play a fall sport, you will not be able to join Bocce Club) Students from all grades are welcome to join and previous experience is not necessary!

    Depending on membership, we will have up to three teams of four compete in the High School League. Teams from area boys and girls high schools compete. Although attendance is not mandatory, if you join, you will be scheduled and expected to attend most contests. You will need transportation to and from the Italia-American Bocce Club at 2210 Marconi Ave, St. Louis, MO.
  • Club Happy

    Moderators: Mrs. Sarah Modde
    Club Happy
     is a club that sheds light on mental health issues and provides girls with a positive atmosphere to brighten their day. While this is not meant to be therapy or a support group, the club includes informational discussions about a variety of different mental health concepts including stress and anxiety, and it gives students a happy environment to de-stress and have fun. It is a safe and comforting place that welcomes anyone to come and learn tips about improving mental stability and engaging in a positive growth mindset. The club also includes fun activities, breakfast, and music to boost students' moods and start their day off on the right foot.   
  • Club Sandwich

    Moderator:  Mr. Bud Stein
    Club Sandwich is a club in which everyone at the school is automatically a member. The Club works like this: for $5 per month, members choose from a variety of sandwiches from a different local sandwich shop each month. The sandwiches are delivered on the meeting date and members enjoy them together in the Commons. For $5, the member gets a 5 inch sandwich, chips, a dessert and a drink. Participation is on a voluntary basis each month. 
  • Constantly Risking Absurdity

    Moderator: Ms. Amy Summers
    The SJA Literary Magazine, Constantly Risking Absurdity, is a student-run magazine comprised of student fiction, poetry, essays, as well as student-produced art in various formats, such as paintings, drawings, and photographs. Constantly Risking Abusurdity is published annually in the spring.

    How can I get involved with the magazine?
    • Submit original writings or art to be published in the magazine. 
    • Apply to participate on the literary magazine editorial committee. This committee selects, edits, and prepares the magazine for printing.
  • College Advising Council

    The College Advising Council is a club for juniors and seniors who wish to support the college preparation process for their St. Joseph's Academy peers. Council members are an integral part of disseminating information and engaging the students of SJA by assisting with college visits, updating social media, planning college-based events and communicating important deadlines and reminders. 
  • Cup of Joe

    Our Entrepreneurial Program was activated with the opening of Cup of Joe. The student-run coffee shop provides our girls with the knowledge to run a business through innovative leadership. 

    As profits are realized, the girls will "serve the Dear Neighbor" by making donations to Respect Life, St. Joe Scholarships, and other various organizations. 

    Learn more about Cup of Joe here.
  • Diversity Club

    Moderator: Ms. Ann Hammer
    Mission Statement:
    A group of values-driven women leaders dedicated to nurturing a welcoming community by spreading awareness of the diversity in our world throughout St. Joseph’s Academy.
    As Diversity Club members, we provide the SJA community the opportunity to grow in awareness of, and respect for "the Dear Neighbor" who may be of another culture, ethnicity, race, age, socioeconomic circumstance, faith, gender, and /or sexual identity. We invite all to recognize the truth of each other’s lived experiences and even to be sure to represent and include people’s experiences who might not be members of our community. We assist in planning and participating in various diversity awareness raising events and dialogue opportunities throughout the school year within our SJA community and with local high schools. These opportunities and conversations develop us as leaders and prepare us to engage in the global world.
  • Earth Angels

    Moderator: Mrs. Katie Lodes
    Earth Angels is St. Joe’s environmental club. Our mission is to bring awareness and action to environmental issues in both our St. Joe community as well as the global stage.

    They sponsor a plant sale every spring to encourage gardening. Earth Angels also participate in the Trex Recycling contest to reduce plastic films in our landfills. Each year, officers and club members work together to decide what projects they want to pursue. Past activities included participating in the Green Schools Quest and winning 2nd place in the high school division, partnering up with Spanish Honor Society and Pax Christi to raise awareness and funds for our sister school in Puerto Rico and bringing in environmental speakers.
  • Echo

    This Yearbook Club is open to all classes. There are three levels of membership. Staffers volunteer to take pictures of events (sports games, dances, club pictures, etc.) a couple times a semester. Section Editors place pictures on the pages, as well as write captions. The Chief Editor is in charge of picking the theme, layout, and fonts of the book.  

    Staffers meet about once a month. Section Editors meet about every 3-4 weeks on top of staff meetings. Chief Editors meet weekly.
  • Epsilon Beta

    Epsilon Beta is a club for students interested in the library. Its official name is Episcpoi Tes Bibliothekes or “Keepers of the Library.” This book club meets after school once a month. Book selections are based on student choice and are often from various award lists. It is open to all students and faculty.
  • Harry Potter and BBC Club

    Mission Statement:
    It is our endeavor to share our love of all things that fit into the realm of fantasy and science fiction. We will pursue knowledge of these genres in television, books, art, gaming, costuming, cinema, and other media. We will share our knowledge and passion with others, while being open-minded about new and unfamiliar “fandoms.” Harry Potter and British Humour Club is an open atmosphere that accepts, and encourages all things different.

    At Harry Potter and British Humour Club meetings, we participate in fun activities, make new friends, and share our love of all things fantasy and science fiction. At the beginning of the semester, we branch off into subgroups, like the Houses in the Harry Potter series, and plan weekly events. Some events include watching movies and television shows, such as Star Wars and Dr. Who, creating crafts, such as Dr. Who’s Sonic Screwdriver, playing trivia, and much more! Our goal is to plan events, at least two, in which we spread our interests to the SJA community. All the while, we eat snacks, drink tea, share our enjoyment of sci-fi and fantasy and enjoy each other’s company!

    The club meets weekly after school.
  • HERstory

    Moderator: Ms. Stephanie Carpenter
    HERstory is a club in which the history of women is incorporated into St. Joseph’s Academy girls’ lives, meaning “Her” the St. Joe student, and her “story” of how she is all around an inspired, motivated and intelligent young woman. The goal of HERstory club is to educate young girls about the inspirational women who have come before them, while encouraging them to incorporate the ideals these women have displayed into their everyday lives at St. Joe in the near future. HERstory club will meet once a month to learn about women who have amazing, inspirational stories and have discussions based on topics brought forth by club members. We will also hear stories from guest speakers. In addition, we’ll be working with the Safe Connections Women’s Shelter for fundraisers, drives and volunteering.
  • Rocket Club

    Moderator: Mr. Bud Stein
    The St. Joe Rocket Club was formed in the fall of 2004 in order to compete in the yearly, nationwide Team America Rocketry Challenge (TARC) contest, involving 700 teams from around the country. Each year, TARC challenges each team to design, build and test fly a model rocket according to a different set of specifications and rules. If a team qualifies as one of the top 1,000 performing teams in the United States, the team is invited to participate in a final fly-off against the other qualifying teams in May at Great Meadows, Virginia, just outside Washington, D.C. Any St. Joe student can be a member of Rocket Club.
  • SJA Writes!

    SJA Writes! is a writing club for students who have a passion for writing to network, share, and grow in their writing. Members respond to creative and analytical prompts in their Reader-Writer's notebooks and are encouraged to read an excerpt of their writing out loud in the club. Students also work to become published writers through writing contests and participation in the SJA Literary Magazine. Our goal is to nurture and celebrate their love of writing.
  • Spirit Club

    The purpose of the Spirit Club is to promote school spirit at events throughout the year. The club will be run by senior leaders, with the assistance of representatives from the junior, sophomore and freshman classes. Students will have the opportunity to sign up to help with events, share and try out new ideas, lead cheers and promote spirit in many ways. Spirit Club meets during second contact on D-day.  Spirit Club members are expected to participate in spirit games, pep assemblies and other events. Spirit Club members are also expected to help communicate with their class and model school spirit at all times. Enthusiasm, follow through and a positive attitude are required!
  • St. Joe TV

    Moderator: Ms. Amy Summers
    St. Joe TV is a video news-style club that produces a video recap of each month. St. Joe TV was created with the intent to make video memories of the school year and to act as a promotion for the school as all episodes are posted online. Members meet weekly to brainstorm ideas for the following month's episode and to edit the pieces through Adobe Premiere Pro video software. Episodes are shown to students and uploaded on the school's newspaper website, sjathevoice.org.  
  • The Voice

    Moderator: Ms. Amy Summers
    The Voice, founded in 1983, is the student newspaper of St. Joseph’s Academy. In 2017, it transitioned to a digital medium with a print news magazine four times per year. The digital version is available to be viewed by the public and news magazines will be distributed at school to all students, administration, faculty, staff, parents and alumnae who pick up copies.

    The Voice functions as a club, with meetings during and after the school day. All students are welcome to join the staff as a writer or a photographer. Staff members are required to attend a general information and training meeting at the beginning of the school year. After that, staff members meet once every two weeks to receive an assignment. Other assignments will be available throughout the month. After receiving her assignment, the staff member will be given a deadline of having an assignment completed. On average, an article involves about three hours of work and includes interviewing, collecting information through research and writing the article. A photography assignment may involve shooting on campus or off campus subjects using one of The Voice's digital cameras.

    Click here for more information.
St. Joseph’s Academy is a private, Catholic high school for girls in St. Louis, Missouri, sponsored by the Sisters of St. Joseph of Carondelet. Our mission is to provide quality Catholic education for young women in an environment that challenges them to grow in faith, knowledge, and respect for self and others. Our community expects these young women to make a profound impact in the world.

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