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  • St. Joseph's Academy Receives Largest Gift in School History

    St. Louis, Mo., February 25, 2019 – St. Joseph’s Academy has received a $3.5 million gift, the largest single gift in the school’s 178-year history, from the estate of Barbara Weidert, a 1947 graduate of the school. This unrestricted gift will help jumpstart plans to renovate and upgrade STEM-related and visual arts instructional areas, and to expand scholarship support for students. These enhancements are part of the school’s plans to continue providing quality Catholic education and prepare young women with 21st century skills.

    “This generous planned gift provides St. Joseph’s Academy with a major boost toward funding many necessary campus enhancements, while also increasing scholarship support,” said Dr. Regina Mooney, President of St. Joseph’s Academy. “Barbara Weidert’s overwhelming generosity will have a lasting impact on the lives of our current and future students at the Academy.”

    Campus plans call for renovating parts of the school into flexible classroom and laboratory spaces for life sciences, chemistry, physics, engineering and enhanced digital innovation educational areas with updated technology. Plans also call for expanding the visual arts program into a dedicated, state-of-the-art space. In addition, St. Joseph’s Academy plans to increase significantly the scholarship support it provides to qualified students of all backgrounds.  

    “This major gift will help us provide the integrated, holistic education that prepares every girl at St. Joe with the skills they need to thrive, succeed and grow in the changing world around us,” said Matt Stroble, St. Joseph’s Academy Board of Directors Chair. “Barbara’s love for her high school helps fulfill our strategic vision, advances the school’s mission, and paves the path for further discovery, innovation and excellence in education.”
    The timetable for implementing the planned renovations has not been set. These plans follow other completed projects, such as the school’s new Campus Ministry Center and College Advising Program and Resource Center.
    St. Joseph's Academy is a college preparatory school in Frontenac, Missouri sponsored by the Sisters of St. Joseph of Carondelet. Founded in 1840, the mission of the Academy is to provide quality Catholic education for young women in an environment that challenges them to grow in faith, knowledge, and respect for self and others. Our community expects these young women to make a profound impact in the world.
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  • Billiken Beams

    Billiken Beams was a competition in bridge building, held at Parks College of Engineering, Aviation and Technology, part of St. Louis University, on Saturday, February 23rd. The objective of the competition was to determine which team was able to design and construct the most efficient road bridge. Efficiency is calculated as the load supported in pounds divided by the weight of the bridge in pounds.

    One of our team’s bridge placed fourth overall, holding 48 pounds before breaking. This bridge also won in the “Best Report” category, “Best Aesthetic” and were named Trivia Champions. Congratulations to Kate Broun ‘20, Emma Mueller ’20 and Lexi Woodman ‘20.

    Congratulations to our Bridge Building Teams for a job well done:

    Seniors: Caroline Cutler, Emily Giannotti, Maggie Hannick, Maddie Loe, Amanda Meyer, Bonnie Peccola, Anna Sadlo, Annie Thompson.

    Juniors: Kate Broun, Emma Mueller, Lexi Woodman.

    Sophomores: Lauren Bowers, Lauren Degenhardt, Sara Frautschi, Amelia Schneider, Megan Tung.
    Special thanks to their coach, Mr. Bud Stein, for his guidance and for providing his room for their bridge construction.
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  • WWT Hackathon

    The WWT Hackathon was held at World Wide Technologies Global Headquarters in Maryland Heights on February 23. Our team developed an idea for a website, carried out a survey to determine the need for that type of site, collected information to use on the website, designed and created the site using code, and presented the site at the Hackathon.
    Our student team decided to focus their efforts on creating a Career Connections website, which links current SJA students with career advice from our alumnae, provides college recommendations for specific careers, and information on local career opportunities. The team had five weeks to design their website and prepare a presentation. Sophia Devlin, Mary Hayes, Katie Kostecki, and Katie Young did an outstanding job presenting the project to the judges. While our team was not selected as one of the top three projects, they were awarded $1000 for use by SJA to enhance the Computer Science Department.

    Members of the SJA WWT Hackathon team included juniors Sophia Devlin, Kara Greger, Mary Hayes, Sydney Hilker, Katie Kostecki, Natali Mispagel, Emma Mueller, Julia Ringhausen, Lexi Woodman and Katie Young. They worked with Satya Gudivada, a mentor from World Wide Technology, and their faculty ambassador, Dr. Rose Davidson.

    A special thanks from the team to Mrs. Kathy Siegel for help with coding the website, Mrs. Tricia Hasbrouck and Ms. Christine Holladay for help on colleges to include, Mrs. Carrie Wenberg for help in connecting to alums, Mrs. Pegi Ferrell and Mrs. Liz Kelly for help with the tutoring information and Dr. Rose Davidson who provided the listing of STEM Opportunities.
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  • Honors Science Fair

    The Academy of Science’s Honors Science Fair serves as the qualifying event for the Intel International Science and Engineering Fair.  Three of our students, Kara Greger, Margie Lodes, and Emma Mueller, carried out significant research projects, collecting data for the better part of a year. They each presented the findings of their own research to a panel of judges at the Honors Science Fair during a poster session. The judges then posed questions to the students to probe the depth of their research and understandings. 
    Kara Greger ’20 is seen here with her project, “Seeking Hidden Treasures below Ground: Characterizing Root System Morphological Traits for Select Mutant Families of C4 Model Plant Green Foxtail Millet.”
    Margie Lodes ‘20 researched “Microplastic Accumulation in Different Trophic Levels from Deer Creek in Suburban St. Louis, Missouri.”
    Emma Mueller ’20 determined “The Effects of Acid Rain on Soil pH and Plant Vitality.”
    All three St. Joe students excelled in their presentations and were recognized for their hard work by being selected as finalists in the competition.
    Margie Lodes placed 3rd overall and will be presented with a $2000 MOST scholarship at the Academy of Science Awards banquet on April 4th.
    Emma Mueller and Kara Greger have each won a $1000 MOST scholarship.
    We are so proud of our student researchers!
    Special thanks to their mentors Mrs. Katie Lodes and Dr. Ruth Kaggwa from the Danforth Plant Science Center.
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  • By Grace Kelly

    Emerson Young Artists

    Congratulations to seniors Grace Kelly and Sophia Steinbecker!  They both had work accepted into the juried 2019 Emerson Young Artists' Showcase at the St. Louis Artists' Guild. The Emerson Young Artists' Showcase is a juried, all-media exhibition of artwork created by high school students between 15 and 19 years old.

    Grace’s and Sophia’s work will be on display with others selected for this recognition from March 7 - March 30 at the Young Artists Showcase located at 12 North Jackson Avenue in Clayton.
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  • We Love Our Alumnae!

    Sarah Gebken ‘15 visited with the AP Biology class. She described the research which she is carrying out as an undergraduate at the University of Missouri - Columbia using CRISPR, a genetic engineering tool that uses a sequence of DNA and its associated protein to edit the base pairs of a gene. 
    Kourtney Kostecki ’13 spoke to the AP Biology class on February 1 about her work with tyrosine kinases (cell signaling) at Pfizer.
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  • Mrs. Lodes Named as Kirk Teacher Fellow at Darwin Day

    The February 9th event on the Washington University Danforth Campus was timed to the anniversary of Charles Darwin’s birth – his 210th this year. After a presentation by John Hawks, a paleoanthropologist at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, Mrs. Katie Lodes was announced as the new Kirk Teacher Fellow. Over the next three years Mrs. Lodes will take on the role of facilitating the evolution book club and planning the evolution education events. The Kirk teacher fellowship is named for David and Marilyn Kirk, longtime members of the Washington University community, whose generous endowment makes the Institute for School Partnership’s evolution education program possible. That includes not only the teacher fellowship, but the annual Darwin Day celebration and an evolution education book club.
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  • TERF Congratulations!

    Congratulations to Margie Lodes ’20 for being an invited speaker at the SIFT/TERF Winter Weekend session held at Tyson Research Center and Shaw Nature Reserve. Margie presented the research which she carried out as a fellow in the Tyson Environmental Research Fellowship (TERF) during the summer of 2018.

    Margie also gave a presentation on the program to help recruit new SIFT (Shaw Institute for Field Training) students and to encourage current SIFT participants to apply to TERF! 

    Click here to information about these programs.
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  • Caught in the Act

    As a part of their Green Schools Quest project, members of Earth Angels audited our café trash to figure out what people in the SJA community are throwing away and not recycling correctly. They want to educate the community on how to recycle and throw away things correctly. They found recyclable materials in the trash that could have been recycled and also found uneaten food from lunches, such as whole sandwiches and unopened snack bags.
    Recommendations to the SJA school community by Earth Angels after carrying out the audit are:
    1. Composting would very much cut down on the solid waste that we generate.
    2. We could use compostable food containers.
    3. We have a lot of things thrown away that could be recycled or better yet, students could make a more sustainable choice for their packaging such as reusable bags instead of paper bags.
    4. Our school needs to figure out a way to dispose of liquids in drink containers so that recyclable bottles and cups are not just thrown away.
    Thanks to Lauren Harrison, Natalie Murray, Maggie Hannick, Margie Lodes and Rachel Esser for giving up their networking time to get very messy doing the inventory and to Mrs. Katie Lodes, their fearless leader.
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  • J.O.E. Talks Logo Congratulations!

    Several students created and submitted designs to the logo competition held by the Sisters of St. Joseph for their J.O.E. Talks (Justice, Outreach, Education) program series. This is a new program series that will launch in April 2019! Hosted by the Sisters of St. Joseph Racial and Cultural Justice Committee.  Congratulations to Maddie Loe ’19! Her logo design, shown to the right, was selected by the Committee for its program.
    Thank you to ALL who created and submitted designs!
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St. Joseph’s Academy is a private, Catholic high school for girls in St. Louis, Missouri, sponsored by the Sisters of St. Joseph of Carondelet. Our mission is to provide quality Catholic education for young women in an environment that challenges them to grow in faith, knowledge, and respect for self and others. Our community expects these young women to make a profound impact in the world.

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