The goal of the business department is to provide our students with a curriculum that will provide them with both the 21st century skills and the values necessary to be successful personally and within whatever career they choose.

  1. Be “business literate” in respect to necessary vocabulary, the basics of personal and business finance and the reading and understanding of business news.
  2. Begin to develop values necessary for business and personal success including: conducting
    personal, academic, and business practices in an honest and ethical manner, learning to
    respect others, and appreciate the need to help others in the spirit of St. Joseph’s Academy.
  3. Be introduced to the skills necessary for business and personal success including: public
    speaking, professional relationship building, basic financial analysis, and gathering and
    presenting relevant business information on the computer.
One half credit of business education is required for graduation.  The required credit may be taken during the sophomore, junior, or senior years from any business content course electives available within the department. 
Our Entrepreneurial Program was activated with the opening of Cup of Joe. The student-run coffee shop provides our girls with the knowledge to run a business through innovative leadership. Click here to learn more about Cup of Joe.

Courses Available for 2018-19

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  • BUS 812 Business Communications

    (.5 credit)
    Students will create a variety of documents (business documents, letters, brochures, newsletters, forms, business cards, etc.) in the traditional printed format as well as 21st Century Digital format. Students will use Microsoft Office products, Google Docs and the newer Web 2.0 tools as they create these documents. Students will work both individually and in groups. Students will also learn to be productive team members and team leaders.
  • BUS 814/CSE 1020 Analyzing Big Data

    (.5 credit)
    Students will locate, evaluate, and analyze diverse types of data while working with a variety of digital tools. They will analyze Big Data collected globally and create graphs, charts, and infographics to help visually display the data.  Students will use Google Sheets and Excel to create spreadsheets with multiple worksheets. While working with the spreadsheets they will create and modify charts and graphs with the goal of making the data they represent clear and easy to interpret. They will use Access to create multi-layered data tables which will be turned into reports. Projects completed will be imported and exported between Microsoft Office and the Google Suite. Students will also explore the many ways that data can be displayed with additional tools.  During the course they will work independently and collaboratively in groups.   May satisfy BUS credit or CSE elective credit but not both.
  • BUS 820 Accounting I

    (.5 credit)
    Students will be introduced to the language of business which is foundational to the study of finance. Accounting topics and procedures in analyzing debits and credits, the general journal, the general ledger, special journals and ledgers, depreciation, interest topics and the distribution of dividends form the core of this course. Peachtree Accounting Software is integrated into the coursework. Discussion and forums on careers in accounting, ethics and opportunities for women in the financial world will enhance the curriculum.
  • BUS 821 Accounting II

    (.5 credit)
    Students will expand upon basic accounting principles and procedures that were studied in Accounting I. The accounting cycle will be completed with the study of merchandising including payroll, taxes and ending a fiscal period with its reports and entries. Procedures used by businesses organized as corporations with specific attention to notes and interest, accrued 37 revenue and expenses and the distribution of dividends will give students a broadened foundation for further study. Students will continue the use of Peachtree and QuickBooks.
    (Prerequisites: BUS 820 with a grade of C or better)
  • BUS 825 Economics

    (.5 credit)
    Students will explore the principles, theory and application of economics to our society. Topics include economic systems, economic institutions, employment and economic growth, business cycles, monetary and fiscal policy, pricing, GNP and GDP. Case studies are integral to the course. Students will work both individually and in teams.
  • BUS 827 Business Law and Ethics

    (.5 credit)
    Students will develop an understanding of the legal framework of our society. The topics covered include the history, development, and classification of laws, how our legal system and ethics relate to each other, personal and business law related to everyday life, contract law, the court system and courtroom procedures, legal terminology, constitutional rights, ethics, technology law, intellectual property, social responsibility, international law and consumer protection.
  • BUS 830 Video Production

    (.5 credit)
    Students will experience all aspects of creating a video. They will begin by watching and discussing several videos. They will then move on to creating a PSA (public service announcement) by writing a script, creating a storyboard and then filming, editing and publishing the video. They will then move on to producing other types of videos such as a mini-documentary, an instructional video, a commercial and a news report. As these projects are completed, students will also learn the advanced features of MovieMaker.
    May satisfy BUS credit or CSE elective credit but not both.
  • BUS 831 Personal Finance

    (.5 credit, traditional or blended)
    Students will explore their role as consumers in our economic system. Learning how to make wise and confident consumer choices are goals of the course. Budgeting, tax preparation, banking, investing and the purchase of insurance are skills taught. Class discussion, individual work, simulation games, and cooperative learning will form the basis of evaluation.

    There are two options for enrolling in this course:
    1. Traditional Course: meeting each day with the instructor.

    2. Blended Learning Course: This is a blended learning class in which the students will meet with the instructor two days a week and have online work the remaining days. Students must have a B average and the approval of the instructor.
  • BUS 835 Entrepreneurship

    (.5 credit)
    Students will be introduced to the role of the Entrepreneur in the economy. Topics include: choosing the correct type of business organization, financing a business, risk management, and target markets. Over the length of the course, each student will create a business plan for an enterprise of her choice. Students are required to attend a field trip to a teen entrepreneurship conference at St. Louis University where they will network with successful teen inventors.
  • BUS 841 Foundations of Business

    (.5 credit)
    Students will explore two areas of the business world: management and marketing. Topics include: financing a business, social and ethical responsibilities in management and marketing as well as global changes in the world of business today. Case studies and team work will be used to analyze markets for selected products, to learn the wise use of inventory, pricing and promotional strategies. Students will work in teams and Web 2.0 tools are integrated into the course.
  • BUS 843: Introduction to Coding: HTML

    (.5 credit)
    Students will create web pages using HTML and Cascading Style Sheets (CSS).  Students will use a variety of web layouts, color and formatting components important in web design.  Students will manipulate and embed images and video.  Students will learn to validate their web pages to assure compliance with World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) standards. 
    May satisfy BUS credit or CSE elective credit but not both.
  • BUS 844 Introduction to Coding: JAVA

    (.5 credit)
    This course includes an introduction to structured programming and a basic understanding of Java syntax.  Students will study the fundamental concepts of computer systems, procedures, functions, methods, repeat loops, logic statements, files, and arrays.  Emphasis will be on problem solving skills and variable tracing in completing selected programming assignments.  Students will use Oracle’s Java and NetBeans IDE software. 

    (Prerequisites: B in Algebra I or teacher recommendation)

    May satisfy BUS credit or CSE elective credit but not both.

Co-Curricular Activities

The following co-curricular activities are available in this discipline. For more information, please click the link.


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