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Youth and Government 2018

By Mrs. Ally Landherr
Each year, St. Joseph’s Academy proudly participates in the Missouri Youth and Government (formally called Youth in Government) Conference in Jefferson City. The program is a student-driven simulation of state government. Student legislators meet in committees and in the House and Senate chambers to debate legislation; attorneys try their cases before student judges and engage in a trial competition; student media covers the entire event.

We had two girls run for executive positions. Kara Greger ran for Speaker of the House and Katie Kostecki ran for Secretary of State. Katie was elected to be the 2019 Secretary of State!

The awards that were won by our girls at this year's convention: 
  • Outstanding Judge: Cathy DePenaloza
  • Outstanding Statesperson: Alex McWhirter
  • Outstanding Bill: Lucie Patritti & Shannon Sims
  • Outstanding Bill: Katie Kostecki & Olivia Stapf
The accomplishments of this year's convention:
  • Anna Sadlo & Bonnie Peccola had their bill passed in both houses and signed into "law" by Governor Maggie Hannick.
  • Ashlyn Wingett & Alex McWhirter’s bill was passed by both houses and signed into law by Governor Maggie Hannick.
  • Addison Engelmeyer’s bill passed in the House.
  • Shannon Sims and Lucie Patritti's bill made it to the House floor.
Leadership positions of this year's convention:
  • Governor: Maggie Hannick
  • Speaker of the House: Sara Isaacson
  • Governor's Chief of Staff: Madison Guzy
  • Governor's Judicial Liaison: Gretchen Allman 
  • Judges: Cathy dePenaloza; Sarah Gruensfelder; Claire Kelly; Sara Kirsch; Marissa Ledbetter
  • Committee Chairs: Kara Greger; Katie Kostecki
  • Floor Leader: Anna Sadlo
  • Reading Clerk: Helen Ann Stone
  • Fill-in positions: Lucy Kilker and Abby Hunt both served as Reading Clerks for a period of time; Elsa Connolly served as Floor Leader when Anna Sadlo was debating her bill.
Way to go, Angels!
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