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Sara Isaacson ’19

Sara Isaacson ’19 was recently featured in Town & Style :

“This summer, Sara Isaacson returned to North Carolina’s Blue Ridge Mountains to take part for the second time in the YMCA’s Youth Conference on National Affairs (CONA). And this year may have sealed the deal as far as this senior’s career path. The six-day conference, started more than 50 years ago, brings young participants from all over the country to debate national or international issues and find creative solutions to problems they may have been unaware of before. “It also helps us better communicate with those we disagree with and teaches us how to find common ground and speak respectfully about hot topic issues,” Sara explains.

Her interest in the conference was sparked by a school-based YMCA program called Youth and Government (YAG), which involves a student-run, hands-on simulation of Missouri state government in Jefferson City for three days each winter. She attended the Blue Ridge conference with 25 other students from Missouri and was among 650 youth from all over the country. “I would love to do something political or run a nonprofit,” Sara says. “St. Joe has definitely shown me how much I love leadership and service, and CONA reminds me how much I love politics and fighting for what I am passionate about. If something that blended those two comes along, sign me up!”

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