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STEM Courses for 2020-21

By Dr. Rose Davidson, STEM Coordinator
Registration for next year’s courses has begun! The students have met with the Counseling Department and participated in the Curriculum Fair. Most departments have notified their students of their eligibility for honors courses. The online registration portal opens on January 27.

Since our STEM initiative began five years ago, we have been hard at work enhancing our Science, Technology, Engineering and Math course offerings. We have streamlined the science course offerings to better prepare the students for advanced level work, changing the core requirements in the process. We have expanded the number of AP and direct college credit courses (ACC through SLU, ACP through UMSL) available for our students. We have created a new department, Computer Science and Engineering, to house the technology-based and engineering courses. We have added to the number of engineering, graphic design and computer programming courses available to our students within this department.

Our students understand the importance of including these STEM courses in their preparation for their future studies and their careers. 99% of our students currently take STEM elective courses during their time at St. Joe. The world needs women prepared with the skills which they need to be innovators, creators and engineers. We are preparing our students to meet the challenges which the world will face in the remaining 80 years of the 21st Century.

Science Department course offerings for 2020-21
Three credits in science are required for graduation. The sequence of the required courses was changed, beginning with the class of 2022. For current freshmen and sophomores, the graduation requirements are fulfilled by taking Biology or Honors Biology, Chemistry or Honors Chemistry and Physics or Honors Physics. The majority of the current Juniors have taken the semester courses Environmental and Earth Science and Engineering and Physics Applications as freshmen. During their sophomore year, they took Biology or Honors Biology. This year, they currently are taking Chemistry or Honors Chemistry. They have completed their required courses but we hope that they take a fourth year of science as is recommended by many colleges.

The Science Department offers a range of elective courses and students may double up with these electives beginning with their sophomore year. Students are discussing their science options with their current science teacher. Mrs. Jennifer Bisch, Science Department Chair, is available to discuss science course options with the students and to address any parent questions.

Computer Science and Engineering Department course offerings for 2020-21
The current freshmen and sophomores are required to take 1.0 credit in CSE before graduating. They have taken the first, required course of Computer Science Applications during their freshman year. They are asked to select an additional .5 credit from the electives available.

Current juniors are not required to take any CSE courses but many of these will fulfill their Business and Fine Arts requirements. The Engineering Design Applications course is a double block course, meaning that during one semester, it meets for two periods per day. This course may be taken for 1.0 CSE credit or 0.5 credit in math and 0.5 credit in science.

Analyzing Big Data has been dropped from the CSE department. Its content is addressed within the AP/ACC Statistics course in the Mathematics Department.

Computer Science and Engineering Department Chair, Dr. Rose Davidson, is available to answer questions about the department’s course offerings.

Mathematics Department course offerings for 2020-21
Four credits in math are required for graduation. The courses taken each year are determined by the student's success in her past math coursework. Each student is provided with the math department recommendations for courses to be taken during the pre-registration period. Mr. Tom Riordan, Mathematics Department Chair, is available to answer any student or parent questions about math course selection.

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