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Deferment, Financial Aid Appeals, Scholarships and Summer Options

By Mrs. Trisha Hasbrouck and Ms. Christine Holladay
We are sharing a number of resources on these four topics, but we encourage students and families with individual questions to contact either Mrs. Hasbrouck or Ms. Holladay to address specific concerns.
For students who have applied early action/decision to selective admission schools they sometimes find that they've been deferred to the regular decision pool. Many colleges and universities deferred more students than ever before this year due to drastic increases in early applications (60% increase at Boston College, 17% at Notre Dame, 19% at Brown, etc.) so what does it actually mean for students and families? What are the chances of still being admitted? How does deferment impact merit and need-based financial aid? What steps need to be taken if you find yourself deferred?
For answers, the following admissions-related blogs all offer similar advice from different perspectives:
  • Determine where the school stacks up for you, is it still a top-choice? If so, keep reading. If not, contemplate taking your application out of consideration.
  • Identify what steps you need to take, is there a form to fill out? Do you need to email the admissions office? Do they require your midyear report with first semester grades?
  • Compose a deferral letter/email that indicates your ongoing interest in the university - Mrs. Hasbrouck and/or Ms. Holladay can help with this.
  • If allowed, request an additional letter of recommendation (not all schools accept additional recs, so be aware if your top-choice would prefer not to receive these)
  • Review your application and resume - is there anything that needs updating or correcting? Can you add an additional award, or did you have your best semester academically? What new information can you share to bolster your application?
  • Send any new test scores.
  • Visit the school, if possible - first, to see if it is still a top choice for you, and second, to ensure that if it is your top choice that the school knows that.
  • Deferment does not mean you will receive less financial aid and/or scholarship(s).
  • Admissions Office: Advice to the Deferred
  • What To Do If You Are Deferred
  • Ivywise: You've Been Deferred, Now What?
  • Forbes: Step By Step Guide to Deferment
Financial Aid Appeals:
  • It is possible to appeal your financial aid award package if you believe your EFC (Expected Family Contribution) is inaccurate or if there is simply a gap in what you have been awarded.
  • Each school is different in how it handles this process, get in contact with the Financial Aid Office first to determine what the process looks like for your top choice school(s). Some utilize a form, others prefer a letter, still others require verification of income and/or expenses - be sure to provide any information that's requested.
  • This article gives several good tips for navigating the appeals process: Guide to the Financial Aid Appeal Process
  • There are numerous scholarship search engines available on the web that are free to use. Unigo, FastWeb, Cappex, Scholarships.com, etc... are all valid places to begin your search, but there is little value in creating profiles on all sites, 1-2 is sufficient.
  • Additionally, a good resource is St. Louis Graduates' Scholarship Central, which curates a list of local scholarship offerings from corporations and foundations.
Summer Options:
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