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Line of students in uniforms smiling.

Each year our students participate in a unique retreat experience.


The theme for our retreat is “Anchored.” We will explore the different places and people that have anchored us and helped shape us into the young women we are today. The girls will report to SJA for homeroom and then travel by bus to the CSJ Mother House. We will return to SJA by 2:50 p.m. and the girls will be dismissed for the day at that time.




Our sophomore retreat gives our students the opportunity to step away from life’s daily routines and refocus themselves through reflection and prayer. Each year, this retreat is created and run by a group of senior retreat leaders and is planned specifically with the sophomore class in mind. The sophomore retreat is a great way for each student to grow in her unique relationship with God, classmates, and themselves. 


Our juniors experience a one day retreat led by Dan Huss, Youth Minister at Incarnate Word Parish. The conversations focus on their unique life journeys that have gotten them to where they are today and how they hope to use those experiences to guide their hopes for the future.





Kairos is a religious retreat program grounded in Christian incarnational theology. It is an experience of Christian community with a series of talks given both by peers and by adults. Prayer and the sacraments are an essential part of the program as well as the participants’ involvement in discussions and other exercises. This retreat is three days and two nights at the Pallottine Renewal Center.

Faculty/Staff Retreat

The faculty and staff of SJA participate in a one day retreat at the Sisters of St. Joseph Motherhouse in January. The theme of the retreat varies year to year depending on the needs of our community.