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Alumnae Class Representatives

The purpose of the class representative program at St. Joseph’s Academy is to provide consistent communication between your graduating classmates and the Alumnae Office in order to maintain a connection with the school, promote the school mission, and inspire greater levels of class participation in alumnae activities and annual fundraising.

Responsibilities include:
  1. Recruit class members to aid in planning class reunion events.
  2. Reach out to classmates on a regular basis and gather the following information: any personal or professional updates for class notes in Wings magazine, and updated emails, updated mailing addresses and telephone numbers for the Alumnae Office database. The representative is also responsible for reporting any deceased class members to the Alumnae Office and encouraging attendance at alumnae association events.
  3. Be knowledgeable about SJA, and communicate relevant information to your class.
  4. Make an annual gift to St. Joseph's Academy and assist the annual fund solicitation efforts: recruit 2-3 class members, including yourself if needed, to make reminder calls or emails to classmates encouraging participation, post messages to class social media pages, support giving day efforts (Giving Tuesday after Thanksgiving and Give SJA Day in early May) by reaching out to classmates.
  5. At the end of your term, provide suggestions of potential class representative replacements.
Class representatives will serve for a term of two years. At the end of your term, you have the option to continue in the role for another term or assist in locating a replacement.

Check the drop down lists below to find your current class representative. At this time, some classes do not have a class representative. If you are interested in serving as a class rep, please contact the SJA Alumnae Office at alumnae@sja1840.org.

Class Representatives

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  • Class Representatives 1945-1959

    1945 Mary Catherine McDonnell Finnegan

    1946 Opportunity available

    1947 Jeanne Leritz Callahan

    1948 Opportunity available

    1949 Opportunity available

    Opportunity available

    1951 Opportunity available

    1952 Opportunity available

    1953 Opportunity available

    1954 Opportunity available

    1955 Janet Dolan McAuliffe

    1956 Carolyn Carroll Zwart  

    1957 Kaye Kovol Hartweger

    1958 Opportunity available

    1959 Bonnye Brimmer Perry
  • Class Representatives 1960-1969

    1960 Carolyn Cassani Ring

    1961 Opportunity available

    1962 Opportunity available

    Janet Gummersbach Herrman

     Grace DeRienzo Benner

    1965 Nancy Carver

    Janice Jenkins Jennings

     Peggy Steinlage Crowe

     Connie Boschert Diekman

    1969 Barbara Pouyer Wright, Sharon Conroy
  • Class Representatives 1970-1979

    1970 Ann Knoedelseder Wiethuchter, Maureen McKernan Dilthey

    1971 Kathleen Nestor Frey

    1972 Opportunity available

    1973 Anne Nestor Blind

    1974 Opportunity available

    1975 Opportunity available

    1976 Linda Riffle Eisenbeis

    1977 Opportunity available

    1978 Opportunity available

    1979 Tina Altadonna Dubuque
  • Class Representatives 1980-1989

    1980 Opportunity available

    1981 Mary Jo McLaughlin

    1982 Mary Beth Garr Schwarz

    1983 Jenny Vietmeier Knapp

    1984 Kathleen McLaughlin Armstrong

    1985 Kristie Olson Leritz, Jean Reider Ducey, Ann Dugan LoPiccolo

    1986 Opportunity available

    1987 Opportunity available

    1988 Gretchen Haumueller Pullium

    1989 Eileen Bourke Reese
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  • Class Representatives 1990-1999

    1990 Opportunity available

    1991 Opportunity available

    1992 Opportunity available

    1993 Rita Huckla, Sara McAtee Johnson

    1994 Molly Murphy 

    1995 Kristen Bruce Miedler

    1996 Cori Castellano Sallaberry

    1997 Heather O'Keeffe Blakeslee & Jamie Bommarito

    1998 Opportunity available

    1999 Amy Kling Madej
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  • Class Representatives 2000-2009

    2000  Amy Wellington Kretchmar & Anne Rotermund

    Clare Conners MacConnell & Elizabeth "Liz" Hudson 

    2002 Katie Postal Mantovani

    2003 Mary Schnoebelen Luzecky

    2004 Opportunity available

    2005 Emillie Morris Garwitz, Suzanne Iovaldi

    2006 Sarah Pilliod Gantner

    2007 Nicole Saracino Schmidt, Mary Kate Doherty

    2008 Kelsey Hinds Postal, Allison Dorough Williams

    2009 Colleen Ambrose Duvall
  • Class Representatives 2010-2019

    2010 Erin McHargue

    Libby Garner, Ellie Heffernan

    2012 Kara Kieffer, Abby Morris, Claire Weiss 

    2013 Ali Hartweger

    2014 Katie Hayes 

    2015 Maggie Hennessey, Annie Merrill, Meredith Mannion

    2016 Marcy Hannick 

    2017 Lolo Davis, Natalie Stagoski, Kristen Weber

    2018 Anna Burnham, Ellie Burnham, Mary LaBelle, Meghan Martin, Megan Newsham, Claire Shackleford and Isabella Smith

    2019 Grace Debo, Reilly Davis, Elsa Connolly and Bella Lorenz
  • Class Representatives 2020-Current

    2020 Grace Dolan, Lilly Finn and Sydney Hilker

    2021 Sophie Maniscalo, Libby Schuman, Lucy Schuman and Maddie Thorpe

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  • Photo of Carrie Wenberg

    Mrs. Carrie Wenberg   

    Alumnae Programs Specialist
    (314) 394-4343
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