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Students wearing safety goggles working together on a chemistry lab.

St. Joseph’s Academy provides hands-on learning opportunities in science, technology, engineering and math, both inside and outside the classroom. Building upon recent successes in STEM education, St. Joseph's Academy continues to enhance it’s robust STEM program under the direction of Carrie Hill, Computer Science and Engineering Department Co-Chair. The STEM Integration Committee strives to:

  •  Enhance the curriculum and its integration
  •  Develop meaningful field trip opportunities
  •  Present best practices at professional meetings
  •  Write classroom grants to garner funding
  •  Expand STEM career awareness
  • Develop a mentorship program between students, alumnae, and parents working in STEM fields

SJA’s long history of excellence in STEM has prompted the recent addition of a Computer Science and Engineering Department, advanced curriculum options, co-curricular opportunities, and dedicated spaces and tools for innovation. In 2020, St. Joe introduced The Weidert Center for Integrated Science, a state-of-the-art facility for work in science, technology, engineering and math. 

stem scholar program

The designation of STEM Scholar is awarded each year to a select group of current and rising seniors. This achievement signifies that the student has completed a rigorous course of studies in all areas of STEM during her time at St. Joseph’s Academy, and has extensive involvement in STEM extracurricular activities and community events. The honor of STEM Scholar is granted to 10-20 students each year. STEM Scholars are recognized at the STEM Celebration, Baccalaureate, Class Day, and on their St. Joseph’s Academy transcript. Applications are open to juniors and seniors in March each year.

The following criteria are used to evaluate STEM Scholar applicants:

  • Leading or actively participating in STEM or
    STEAM-related honor societies or clubs.
  • Organizing or participating in STEM or STEAM
    workshops, conferences, mission trips, summer
    programs, shadowing, job training, or interning.
  • Presenting the results of their own original
    research work or the work of a team project in
    which they were actively involved in a local,
    national, or international competition,
    conference, juried show, or publication.
  • Receiving individual recognition for their work in
    STEM or STEAM.
  • Performing service in an area of STEM or STEAM.
  • Successfully completing courses, as shown by a
    superior cumulative GPA.
  • Going beyond the minimum number of courses
    required for graduation in the Science, Mathematics, and Computer Science & Engineering departments.

STEM Scholar Program

The Computer Science and Engineering Department works to provide students with the knowledge and tools they need to succeed in all 21st century careers. STEM courses in this department can range from Engineering and Design Applications to Video Production and Computer Languages: JAVA. 

SJA was one of the first schools in the St. Louis area to integrate technology into student life on a daily basis through a 1:1 laptop program. In 2013, the Academy began moving toward an increased awareness of STEM careers and opportunities with the formation of the STEM Integration Committee. This committee consists of faculty in the science, technology, engineering, and math disciplines. Our wireless environment allows us to move forward with our goals for the future. 

Co-curricular activities, such as the science and math honor societies, robotics, Earth Angels, Society of Women Engineers, and many others, provide STEM opportunities beyond the classroom. Students choose to participate and succeed in numerous competitions and summer programs. 

Thank You to Our Community Partners

A community partnership includes every arrangement which our STEM program makes with an association, company, organization or institution to provide a program, service or resource that supports student achievements in STEM.