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Global Education

Through all aspects of the Global Education program, St. Joseph’s Academy empowers women to become global leaders with the strong values necessary to make a profound impact in the world. 

Students will:

  • explore global issues with inclusivity, empathy, and multiple perspectives
  • identify and create opportunities for personal and collaborative action and grow in community relational learning
  • develop their growth mindset and resiliency in order to effectively communicate their voice while navigating unfamiliar and difficult situations
  • gain the tools to be able to thrive in the future of a global workforce and world

Global Education at St. Joseph’s Academy is tied to the mission and core values of the school. It is our goal that the students involved in Global Education develop these competencies and carry them with them throughout their lives. 

Global Education Club

This club is available to all students interested in becoming engaged global citizens. You must attend 2-3 Global Education events throughout the year to be a club member, but anyone can attend events.

Global Education Speakers and Events

Throughout the year, the Global Education Program will have many opportunities to hear speakers and attend events in person or on Zoom. All are designed to expand the core competencies. 

Global Dialogue Events

Students involved in Global Education will have the opportunity to speak with high school students from around the world on current pressing issues to build community learning, improve collaborative learning, and meet new friends. 

Global Travel and Hosting Opportunities

St. Joseph’s Academy offers a multitude of travel and hosting opportunities that challenge our students to grow in faith, knowledge, and respect for self and for others. Our community expects these young women to make a profound impact in the world.  


Please contact Katie Richardson '99, at (314) 394-4089 or at


Global Education scholars program

This is a highly selective program that all sophomores, juniors, and seniors may apply for at the beginning of the school year. It signifies the student has a strong interest in the above opportunities, but want to grow even more in becoming a true Global Changemaker. 

It is recommended you have been an active member of the Global Education Club, frequently attend speaker events, and have a commitment to participate in travel. This is an esteemed honor that is recognized on your college transcripts and at graduation.

Acceptance into this program signifies this student has committed to being an active member in the program. To become and maintain membership as a Global Education Scholar: 

  • Maintain a minimum GPA requirement of 3.0.
  • Understand, develop, and continuously grow the Global Education Competencies.
  • Commit to a curriculum with a Global Education focus.
  • Commit to 4 years of a world language. It does not have to be the same language; however, that is preferred.
  • Participate in Global Education learning opportunities and reflections based on their year in school.

Sophomores 2-3 per year
Juniors 3-4 per year
Seniors 5-7 per year

  • Meet with the Global Education Director on a regular basis.
  • Join and lead globally focused extracurricular clubs.
  • Complete at least one Global Education Travel Opportunity and present to her peers her experience.