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Physical Education

A yoga class in progress in the Dance Studio.

The goal of the Physical Education Department is to develop awareness in the individual student of the role that regular physical activity plays in the pursuit of lifelong health and well-being, and to provide her with an opportunity for enjoyment, self-expression, and communication.


  • Each student will be given an opportunity to exercise and become physically fit to better perform her daily routine, while encouraging a healthful use of leisure time.
  • Students will be provided a variety of lifetime and team activities so that each student may experience success and/or discover new interests in physical activity for the present and future.
  • Students’ social, communication, and cooperation skills will be enhanced.
  • Students will become acquainted with basic First Aid and CPR.


To meet the graduation requirement of St. Joseph’s Academy and that of the state of Missouri, one full credit is required.

Co-Curricular Activities

The following co-curricular activities are available in this discipline. 

Bocce Ball Team
Fellowship of Christian Athletes
Hiking Club

SJA Team Athletics
Spirit Club

SJA team athletics

Since 1938, St. Joseph’s Academy has been competing in interscholastic athletics and has built a reputation for success and high standards. Since its first in 1975, the Angels have won a total of 61 team State Championship titles in a variety of sports and more than twenty individual state crowns. In 2005, the program was named by Sports Illustrated magazine as the Best High School Athletic Program in the State of Missouri.

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Physical Education Department

Colleen Smith-Yelton

Colleen Smith-Yelton

Physical Education Department Chair
Annie Beekman

Annie Beekman

Assistant Athletic Director, Physical Education Department
Nicki Tipton

Nicki Tipton

Fine Arts Department, Physical Education Department