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The goal of the Business Department is to provide our students with a curriculum that will give them 21st century skills and the values necessary to be successful, both personally and within the career they choose.

  1. Students will become “business literate” in respect to necessary vocabulary, the basics of personal and business finance, and the reading and understanding of business news.
  2. Students will begin to develop values necessary for business and personal success including: conducting personal, academic, and business practices in an honest and ethical manner, and learning to respect others and appreciate the need to help others in the spirit of St. Joseph’s Academy.
  3. Students will develop the skills necessary for business and personal success including: public speaking, professional relationship building, basic financial analysis, and gathering and presenting relevant business information on the computer.
One half credit of business education is required for graduation. The required 0.5 credit may be taken during sophomore, junior, or senior year from any business content course electives available within the department.
Our Entrepreneurial Program was activated with the opening of Cup of Joe. The student-run coffee shop provides our girls with the knowledge to run a business through innovative leadership. Click here to learn more about Cup of Joe.

Courses Available for 2022-23

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  • BUS Accounting I

    Grades 10, 11, 12
    Semester Course, .5 credit

    Students will be introduced to the language of business, which is foundational to the study of finance. Accounting topics and procedures in the accounting cycle, including analyzing debits and credits, entering transactions in the general journal and posting to the general ledger, creating worksheets and making adjusting entries, and the creation of financial statements, form the core of this course. Discussion and forums on careers in accounting, ethics, and opportunities in the financial world will enhance the curriculum.

    Prerequisite: none
  • BUS Accounting II

    Grades 10, 11, 12
    Semester Course, .5 credit

    Students will expand upon basic accounting principles and procedures that were studied in Accounting I. The accounting cycle will be completed with the study of merchandising, including payroll, taxes, and ending a fiscal period with its reports and entries. Procedures used by businesses organized as corporations, with specific attention to notes and interest, accrued revenue and expenses, and the distribution of dividends will give students a broadened foundation for further study.

    Prerequisite: “C” or better in Accounting I
  • BUS Economics

    Grades 11, 12
    Semester Course, .5 credit

    This course will give the students a greater understanding of economics, ranging from the viewpoint of the individual consumer to the global economy. The course will study a range of macro and microeconomic concepts, including the law of supply and demand, forms of business, labor unions, government finances and influence on the economy, money and prices, and inflation and deflation cycles. The course will build on real-world economic applications to create a basic understanding of economic concepts and our economic system.

    Prerequisite: none
  • BUS Entrepreneurship

    Grades 10, 11, 12
    Semester Course, .5 credit

    Students will use the Junior Achievement Company Program. During the JA Company Program experience, students start a real business, unlocking their innate ability to address problems with innovation and an entrepreneurial spirit. This course is designed for natural leaders and self-starters. Students will use creativity and critical thinking to implement the following: a business plan, sales pitch, capitalization options, company structure model, launching the company, marketing plan, product development process, product and service evaluation, quality control, sales techniques, supply chain, and SWOT analysis.

    Prerequisite: none
  • BUS Foundations of Business

    Grades 10, 11, 12
    Semester Course, .5 credit

    Students will explore two areas of the business world: marketing and management. Topics include product planning, principles of marketing, the 4 p’s of marketing, distribution, design, management and managing, management types, and situational management through interactive multimedia lessons and projects.

    Prerequisite: none
  • BUS International Business

    Grades 11, 12
    Semester Course, .5 credit

    This course provides an introduction to international business including the global economy, trade, the diverse workforce, intercultural communication, forms of international business ownership, international operations and management, international marketing, and international business travel.

    Prerequisite: none
  • BUS Personal Finance

    Grades 10, 11, 12
    Semester Course, .5 credit

    Students will learn the basic personal finance skills that are relevant to the lives of teens and young adults. Students will analyze their personal financial decisions, evaluate the cost and benefits of their decisions, recognize their rights and responsibilities as consumers, and apply the knowledge learned to future financial situations encountered in life. Students will explore money management, budgeting, banking, savings, credit and debt, earning income, cost of living, career choices, paying taxes, and making cost beneficial purchases. Class discussions, projects, online interactive modules, and collaboration will form the basis of evaluation.

    Prerequisite: none
  • BUS Video Production

    Grades 10, 11, 12
    Semester Course, .5 credit

    May be taken for Business or Computer Science & Engineering credit, but not both.

    This course introduces all three stages of creating a video: pre-production, production and shooting, and postproduction. Students will select and operate appropriate computer software and hardware to create the videos they envision. Students will break down the steps needed through planning their creations by writing scripts, developing shot lists and storyboards, while also learning how to manipulate film and technology to achieve their expected outcomes. Everyone will have the opportunity to experiment with various filming and audio hardware, including cameras, gimbals, microphones, audio recorders, and smartphones. Through using Adobe Premiere Pro, students will discover how to evaluate raw clips to create profession level video, both collaboratively and independently. Students will produce a music video, how-to video, and a final St. Joe video.

    Prerequisite: none
  • BUS ACP Personal Finance

    Grades 11, 12
    Semester Course, .5 credit

    This course is designed to prepare students to develop financial goals and maintain lifelong financial responsibilities. Students will learn personal finance skills, and how to better manage their resources through in-depth exploration of topics including budgeting, personal banking, investing, paying taxes, credit, purchasing/leasing cars, home acquisitions, retirement planning, and health and life insurance.

    Prerequisite: to be eligible for this ACP course, the student must have a 3.0 cumulative GPA to receive departmental approval.

    Students have the opportunity to earn 3 college credits for this semester course:
    UMSL ACP: Finance 1590 Personal Finance for Nonbusiness Majors

Co-Curricular Activities

The following co-curricular activities are available in this discipline. For more information, please click the link.


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