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St. Joseph’s Academy is a college preparatory high school. Each year between 99 and 100 percent of St. Joseph's graduates go on to college to pursue every variety of profession, vocation, and avocation.

Students are grounded in a curriculum that meets all state and college requirements: four credits each in theology, English, and math; three credits each in social studies and science; two credits in World Language (Spanish, French, Latin, or Mandarin Chinese), and one credit each in computer science & engineering, fine arts, and physical education, and a half credit in business and Freshman Experience. Students also take a minimum of an additional four credits in electives to meet graduation requirements.

Each department offers the student a plethora of choice, courses that are both exciting and challenging and that provide her the opportunity to pursue her particular passions.

All departments (with the exception of physical education) offer honors courses. Additionally, students can earn college credit through Advanced Placement (AP) and Advanced College Credit (ACC) courses, the latter primarily through St. Louis University.

A brief outline of each department's goals and objectives can be viewed on the department pages. Our current curriculum guide can be viewed here.

2024-25 Curriculum Guide  2024-25 Course Sequence Chart  Grades and Graduation Requirements College Credit and Honors Programs




The Business Department provides our students with a curriculum that will give them 21st century skills and the values necessary to be successful, both personally and within the career they choose.

Computer Science & Engineering


Updated in 2020, the school building boasts the most comprehensive STEM facility of any Catholic girls' school in the St. Louis metro area. 



St. Joe students attain a liberal arts perspective through the comprehensive study of and exposure to language and literature, especially as a reflection of human values and cultures, a presentation of the historical development of ideas, an opportunity to respond to and appreciate multiple perspectives, and the development of communications skills.

Fine Arts


The Fine Arts Department encourages the individual student’s potential to communicate and express creatively. Faculty strive to develop the students’ sensitivity to the human condition and an awareness of the role of the artist effecting change. 



The Mathematics Department offers a complete high school mathematics curriculum for the college-bound student and challenges each individual to develop her God-given mathematical talents.

Physical Education


The Physical Education Department develops awareness in the individual student of the role that regular physical activity plays in the pursuit of lifelong health and well-being and provides her with an opportunity for enjoyment, self-expression and communication.



Students at St. Joseph’s Academy consistently use state-of-the-art laboratory equipment, probe ware with data collection, and graphing analysis software in conjunction with their laptops to investigate principles and develop their knowledge and mastery of science. Inquiry-based labs and direct manipulation of biological specimens are also used as STEM learning endeavors. Project-based design and engineering investigations are part of several classes from freshman through senior year. 

Social Studies


The  Social Studies Department develops an atmosphere of inquiry and analysis in which the student can acquire an awareness of and an appreciation for ongoing human experiences.



The Theology Department provides the opportunity, atmosphere, and education for students to grow in their understanding of the Christian faith and to engage their faith in fostering a commitment to make the world a more just and peaceful place in the tradition of the Sisters of St. Joseph of Carondelet.

World Language


The World Language Department helps students communicate in a second language, engage with different cultural backgrounds and values, and encourage the student to understand different perspectives, however different from her own.