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St. Joseph’s Academy is a college preparatory high school whose rigorous curriculum of more than 140 courses focuses on developing women leaders.

Each year between 99 and 100 percent of St. Joseph's Academy graduates go on to college to pursue every variety of profession, vocation, and avocation, and in 2021, 99% percent of graduates received a scholarship.

Students are grounded in a curriculum that meets all state and college requirements. Students also take a minimum of an additional four credits in electives to meet graduation requirements, selecting from a plethora of choices that are both exciting and challenging and that provide her the opportunity to pursue her particular passions, whether they be Forensic Science, Yoga, Honors Art Portfolio, Robotics, or working on the school newspaper—preparing her to make a profound impact in the world. Holding our students to high standards is key to our success.

All departments (with the exception of physical education) offer honors courses. Additionally, students can earn college credit through Advanced Placement (AP - College Board), Advanced College Credit (ACC - St. Louis University) and Advanced Credit Program (ACP - University of Missouri, St. Louis).

At St. Joseph’s Academy, we have been experts in Catholic education for 175 years.

"As a reflection of the mind of God, the human mind deserves our deepest respect and most careful nurturing. Together, we create a community of learning where students can develop their abilities and find encouragement and appreciation for their diverse gifts. Our curriculum prepares students to function successfully in a complex society, to act ethically, and to confront injustice in the contemporary world."
- excerpt from the philosophy statement of St. Joseph's Academy

Academic Accolades

Academic Accolades is our weekly newsletter dedicated to the accomplishments and opportunities for students across academic disciplines.

May 19