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Strategic Priorities

2018-2022 Strategic Plan

Since 2010, St. Joseph’s Academy has been moving forward with a strategic plan that carved out focus areas for the school to address in order to solidify its place in millennial St. Louis’ list of top independent high schools. With those goals accomplished and a new president in place, the Board of Directors in 2017 realized it was once again time to set new ambitious goals with an inclusive process and the same dedication to excellence for which St. Joe has been known.

In the fall of 2017, a committee was brought together, with representatives from all stakeholder groups, to forge a new plan for the next five to seven years capitalizing on goals previously achieved, while committing to strengthening the school with innovative new programs, modifications to the physical plant, strategies for increasing diversity, and creative ideas for sustainability.

This document presents the results of more than a year of working together to research, consider, and decide how to go forward. We have listed seven main priorities we strive to achieve. By attending to these priorities, we expect to accomplish a vast array of goals for St. Joseph’s Academy. Both goals and priorities are listed in this document.