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St. Joseph's Academy invites EIGHTH GRADE STUDENTS to visit our school for a whole day or half-day in the fall. The girls will sit-in on classes and experience the Angel spirit first-hand.

For more information on shadowing, please contact Sister Carol Gerondale, Director of Admissions, at (314) 394-4321 or

Frequently Asked Questions about the Shadowing Program

List of 13 frequently asked questions.

  • Q: The shadowing program is available for which grade levels?

    Only eighth graders are allowed to participate in our fall shadowing program. Registration to shadow online is open for the 2015-2016 school year. Seventh grade spring or fall visits are not part of our program. If you currently attend high school and are considering a transfer, please contact Sister Carol Gerondale, Director of Admissions, at 314-394-4321 or email
  • Q: What are the benefits of shadowing for my daughter?

    The shadowing program is a unique opportunity for prospective eighth grade students to experience a typical school day of a St. Joe Angel. The visiting 8th grade student goes to the same classes and assemblies as her student guide, so she experiences first-hand what it is like to be a student at St. Joseph’s Academy.
  • Q: Is shadowing a half-day or a full day?

    The 8th grader may visit all day or for a half day. It is the choice of the individual 8th grade student. The all day visit will be from 7:50am to 2:35pm. The 1/2 day visit will be from 7:50am to 12:15pm.

    A student will experience during a full day visit 7 classes of 45 minutes each with a half day visit including 4 classes of 45 minutes each.

    Lunch will be provided.
  • Q: Is there a dress code for students who visit?

    Visitors from Catholic elementary schools are asked to wear their school uniforms. Current St. Joe students find it interesting to see how many girls they know from just identifying skirts from various grade schools. If a girl is from a public school, we ask that she dress appropriately and follow our guidelines for casual out of uniform days: no short shirts or short skirts, shorts, no midriffs, halter/tube tops, or spaghetti straps.
  • Q: How do I schedule a shadow visit?

    Online registration is open. If you have questions please call Sister Carol Gerondale, Director of Admissions, at 314-394-4321 or email at
  • Q: How far in advance do I need to call to schedule a shadow visit?

    We recommend that a parent schedule the visit at least 4 days in advance. Many days (especially Fridays) do fill up quickly so the sooner a visit can be scheduled the better.
  • Q: Will my daughter eat lunch while visiting St. Joe?

    Your daughter will definitely eat lunch while she is visiting St. Joe. Lunch will be provided in the cafeteria. She is also more than welcome to bring a bag lunch if that is her preference.
  • Q: Does a prospective student shadow a freshman, sophomore, junior, or senior?

    In most cases, the 8th grade students will be paired with a sophomore. If a visiting student knows someone who is a sophomore, junior, or senior, please make that request when you register online. A Freshman may not be "shadowed" unless she is a relative.
  • Q: How many students can shadow at a time?

    Twenty-eight students are scheduled each day.
  • Q: Where is drop off and pick up for my daughter for her visit?

    All 8th grade visitors and their parents will come to the main entrance in the front of school. At the main entrance there is a statue of St. Joseph. Enter through the main doors and walk straight ahead to the Board Room. This is where the 8th grade students and the St. Joe student guides will meet. See the next question for more detail.
  • Q: Once I am on the campus of St. Joseph's Academy, where do I go?

    Once you turn right onto Litzsinger (if traveling Lindbergh South), or you turn left onto Litzsinger (if traveling Lindbergh North), you will make an immediate left onto the St. Joe campus.

    Once you are on our campus you will stay to the right and proceed around the whole building passing the fields, tennis courts and chapel.

    When you reach the chapel, on your left, there will be marked "drop off and pick up" parking for our guests who are shadowing. If that designated area is full, on your right you will see additional temporary parking.

    Once parked, proceed to the main entrance of the school and walk straight ahead to the Board Room. This is where our 8th grade visiting students and the St. Joe student guides will meet.
  • Q: What if there is an emergency while my daughter is visiting St. Joe?

    A parent or designated adult must accompany his or her daughter into St. Joe for her visit. At that time the parent will sign in and leave an emergency contact number where a parent or guardian can be reached during the time of the visit.
  • Q: Do I need to accompany my daughter into the school building?

    It is necessary that a parent or other designated adult accompany the student into St. Joe when dropping off or picking up. There is a sheet that the parent/adult will need to sign. At the beginning of the visit the parent or adult will need to leave an emergency contact number for St. Joe. At the end of the visit, the parent or designated adult will sign his or her daughter out so that St. Joe knows that the prospective student is no longer on campus.

    If students come together and a parent is not present, the parent or designated adult bringing the students needs to sign both students in and out.

    If an 8th grade student is going home with a St. Joe student, then the St. Joe student will need to sign her out, so we know the student is off campus.

    A St. Joe student may bring an 8th grade student to school, but the St. Joe student must bring her 8th grader to the Conference Room for sign-in, so we know she is on campus (even if the St. Joe student is the 8th grader's guide for the day).

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